E-Commerce Startups

Today, e-commerce is big business. Last year in 2015, there were more sales made in e-commerce online than in actual stores. Think about that for a moment. More sales were made online than in stores. Now, if you have your typical brick and mortar store that also has a website and sells from there as well, like toysrus.com then that is a great business model that will stand the test of time. However, businesses that ignore employing a e-commerce site to compliment their brick and mortar store could be in trouble.

Nowadays, anyone can set up an e-commerce website. Take a look at shopify. They have literally cornered the market for entrepreneurs looking to get into setting up a business online. They make it extremely easy to set up a store, with excellent online support.

The only issue facing an e-commerce store is that there are so many. So, it’s one thing to put up a store as a newbie, the other is to market it. Many have turned to facebook and google adwords to set up their campaigns but not all make it. Others literally clean up, selling millions of dollars of merchandise online.

Another form of e-commerce is using Amazon as a platform to sell products. Again, some have made a killing selling products on Amazon, while others fail. The ones that succeed usually have deep pockets to invest in products and won’t take a hit if they can’t sell their inventory. It also helps when they have good knowledge of what sells and what doesn’t.

We will go further into e-commerce on Ergisad.org down the road. This was a basic overview and hope you enjoyed the read.